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Stay connected anytime on any devices

Smart phone, tablet, laptop, or PC. Receive alerts by email or mobile APP, and watch real-time video whenever you are connected to the internet.

Easily setup
in a matter of seconds

Connect your SpotCam to WiFi and apply an account on, then you are ready to go! Setup can be done easily with PC/Laptop/Mobile/Tablet.

View it now and save for later

Choose our NVR plan to store and review video. Server is no longer required when using SpotCam.

SpotCam Video AI Service

Enhance security with SpotCam video analytic service. Get rid of false alarms and be notified for what really matters.

SpotCam Smart Connection

Build up your own smart home system by connecting SpotCam with all other popular smart gadgets you love.

Editor's Opinion

Let's see the editor's opinions toward SpotCam

SpotCam is easy to set up and easy to use. It's worth considering if you are looking to set up a webcam in your home.

5 Smart Gadgets That Are Changing Our Homes. SpotCam has the advantage of being a very easy to setup gadget, even without the knowledge or understanding of technology, which makes it a good choice for everyone.

A company I'd checkout is SpotCam, an emerging cloud camera brand providing free full time recording to its camera users, and this makes their system top performer in the cloud video monitoring arena.

The better pricing of its cloud storage services for the live feed and playback well places SpotCam ahead of its competitors. Its ease of setup and usage is definitely an added advantage for the regular home user.

Why is SpotCam Sense a product prone to set new quality standards for home monitoring devices? We can resume this in just one phrase: it is not just about surveillance but keeping a healthy environment for the users.

To conclude, SpotCam is definitely a very strong contender in the home security niche and, if you are looking for a home monitoring camera, then this should definitely be an option to keep an eye on.

I tested two models and found them more than acceptable for home use. SpotCam records 24 hours of video also senses temperature and humidity and you can even set it up to sound an alarm if it senses motion at a preset time. The app itself, while not at the cutting edge of aesthetic design, is serviceable at the very least.

With SpotCam free cloud recording system that doesn’t need any complicated set-up to start working, you can now use multiple devices, from your ubiquitous mobile and tablet to the old PC or laptop, to watch videos from home in real time.

SpotCam is coupled with a mixture of cloud-based footage storage, mobile control via Android and iOS apps, and simplistic functionality that makes setup fairly quick and painless.

People just want to be able to put up a camera and start recording. SpotCam’s simple interface and camera design make that possible — it’s literally plug-and-play.

I was intrigued by several different features of this camera. For instance, it has wide angle viewing — something that was not available in the previous models I reviewed. And you can pan the camera in all directions. Overall, I found this to be a simple-to-use, straightforward camera that works as advertised.